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Affordable Homes

Find out through Platinum No.8 property specialists the hidden secrets and the key to get on the housing ladder. We have everything you need to know about purchasing your first property.

  • Can't afford to buy or rent where you work?
  • Always rented and want to purchase your first home?
  • Never rented and want to rent your first home?
  • Want to know about areas where London first time buyers earn less than the average wage can buy a home?
  • Find out the latest current locations for first-time buyers?
  • What are the best districts with new-build apartments for first-time buyers?
  • Access the latest off-plan opportunities for non-UK residents, foreign and first time buyers?
  • Gain access to mortgage specialists for non-UK residents, foreign and first-time buyers?
  • Find out through our taxation specialists all the loopholes for non-UK residents and foreign and first-time buyers?
  • Gain access to off-plan development opportunities below market value for foreign and UK buyers?

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