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Off market property finding service...

Platinum No.8 is a leading independent 100% off market property finding Company, representing private clients, investors & developers. We believe that service and attention to detail are the vital ingredients to our huge success which we have with some of the most influential clients in the world. With over 15 years experience we have the knowledge, expertise and contacts to source those elusive, very special residential properties before they are released to the open market and which may never be openly available.

For many years properties in prime central London have changed hands without ever coming to the open market and this is becoming the most popular procedure to purchase. The advantages of finding an appropriate property that is not on the open market are obvious. Competition is seriously reduced or eliminated all together allowing for optimum negotiation for the client and avoiding the usual bidding war. For our investors and developer clients the majority of property we source for them is 100% off market or discreetly marketed. The benefits of these opportunities are not just to the bottom line bank balance. It is very difficult to put a value on securing that perfect home; the kind of property which so rare it never comes to the market and that you would never know about if hoping for it to appear on the open world market.